Notification for general information to the public that the Secretariat intends to invite restricted tenders

2021 / 03 / 11

Following the conclusion of the evaluation for Expressions of Interest for supply of various goods and services and pursuant to Section 89 of the Public Procurement & Disposal Regulations 2020 (PPDR), it is hereby notified for general information to the public that the Secretariat intends to invite restricted tenders pursuant to section 102(1)  of the Public Procurement & Disposal Act 2015 (PPAD), where applicable, from bidders/contractors  who responded for the categories on As-And-When-Required basis, as follows: 

S/No.Expression of Interest  NumberItem Description

NU20/EOI/01/2021Event Organising Companies 

NU20/EOI/02/2021Partnerships & Sponsorships 

NU20/EOI/03/2021ICT  Solutions Provider Including Internet Services

NU20/EOI/04/2021Hire of Dome Tents & Chairs for Athletics Village & Stadium 

NU20/EOI/05/2021Provision of Entertainment Providers 

NU20/EOI/06/2021Hire of Standby Generators & Additional lighting 

NU20/EOI/07/2021Hire of Barriers and Fencing & Cable Rails 

NU20/EOI/08/2021The hiring of Sound Systems  & LED Screens 

NU20/EOI/09/2021Provision of Food Vending Services

NU20/EOI/10/2021Provision of Bottled Drinking Water
 NU20/EOI/11/2021Provision of Catering Services

NU20/EOI/12/2021Provision of Non-Alcoholic Beverages

NU20/EOI/13/2021Branding  Services 

NU20/EOI/14/2021Insurance Services 

NU20/EOI/15/2021Cleaning Services 

NU20/EOI/16/2021Provision of Garbage Collection Services

NU20/EOI/17/2021Provision of Transport Services

NU20/EOI/18/2021Provision of Travel Services

NU20/EOI/19/2021Hire of Security Screening  Equipment 

NU20/EOI/20/2021Hiring of Communication Equipment

NU20/EOI/21/2021Supply of Medical Drugs and Pharmacological Supplies 

NU20/EOI/22/2021Advertising Agency

NU20/EOI/23/2021Provision of Public Relations Services

NU20/EOI/24/2021Provision Digital Marketing Services

NU20/EOI/25/2021Provision of Design & Creative Services

NU20/EOI/26/2021Provision of Legal Services 

NU20/EOI/27/2021Logistics Services (  Clearing and forwarding Services , Trucks , Cranes Containers etc.) 

NU20/EOI/28/2021Provision of Laundry Services 

NU20/EOI/29/2021Provision of Ambulance & Medics 

NU20/EOI/30/2021Provision of CCTV Services 

NU20/EOI/31/2021Provision of Merchandising & Apparel  

NU20/EOI/32/2021Provision of Mobile Phone Airtime 

NU20/EOI/33/2021Supply of Mobile Phones

NU20/EOI/34/2021Provision of Printing Services 

NU20/EOI/35/2021Supply of Office Furniture 

NU20/EOI/36/2021Provision of Financial Auditing Services 

NU20/EOI/37/2021Provision of Editing and Report Writing services 

NU20/EOI/38/2021Provision of Mobile toilets  and Exhauster Services

NU20/EOI/39/2021Provision of Taxi Services 

NU20/EOI/40/2021Supply of Athletics Competition Equipment & Implements


17th to 22nd August 2021